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About Us

Your child's education is a priceless treasure and the foundation for success. Advance Academy offers elementary, middle and high school students unparalleled enrichment classes that reinforce understanding and expand upon the curriculum learned in the student's own school. Employing the most skilled instructors from Houston's prestigious private and public schools, Advance Academy concentrates on the core school subjects of Math, Science, and Reading and Writing as well as offering challenge, social studies, and fine arts classes to expand students' horizons.

  • We fill the gap between the student-parent team and demands of the curriculum. Whether in mastering the basics in elementary school, or preparing for the complexities of college applications in high school, many parents might find ourselves inadequate help our children in certain areas. Advance Academy is at the forefront of the skills required in the modern educational world and we empower help students to face the challenges in their daily classes and give them the tools to excel beyond their peers.

  • We strive to awaken students' craving for learning by fostering a deep and intuitive understanding of the material. For example, standard Math is often taught by focusing only on theory and simple examples, but neglects both advanced concepts and the practical ability to recognize and apply the most common math in the forms that it appears in life. We drive students to understand math as not just a calculation tool but also how it reflects mental agility.

  • We challenge students to enhance their creativity, critical thinking and ability to learn and analyze. In any subject, our superior teachers understand that the key to a solid education lies in strengthening your child's deeper mental processes. Our specialized instruction incorporates rigor, collaboration, and hands-on work so that students actively work their minds to enable a richer learning experience.

Howard Xu Ph.D.
Advance Academy

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