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合理安排时间 充实度过假期(12/29/2016)





智胜学院2017 春季班招生火热进行中(11/23/2016)

智胜学院2016 秋季班报名火热进行中(8/13/2016)












新年新气象 智胜春季班报名火热进行中(1/6/2016)

智胜学院2016 春季招生Open House说明会 + 大学申请讲座(12/4/2015)


智胜学院2016 春季招生启动,增设数学竞赛课程(11/11/2015)

智胜学院2016 春季招生Open House说明会(11/6/2015)

智胜学院将举办专题讲座 ,帮您大学申请理清思路,解析迷雾 (10/16/2015)

智胜学院秋季课程 — 名师任教 深度提高 (8/20/2015)

2017 Summer Camp Registration Open


Online Registration Available

Summer 1: June 5 - 30
Summer 2: July 5 - August 1

在如下五个地区提供校车服务:Katy, Sugarland, Cyfair/Cypress, Pearland and Medical Center



Featured teachers of the month:

Ms. V. S. is a very popular teacher with our students. She consistently shares her passion and understanding of students as well as her great competence as a catalyst of learning excitement in mathematics. She brings 45 years of teaching experience and was given the honor of Best Mathematics Teacher by HISD twice. She specializes in grades four, five, and six.
She will teach: 4th, 5th and 6th grade Challenge Math, and
4-6th Grade Buzzing Brain Busters Strategies for Competitions. 

Mr. M. S. has received a bachelor's degree and Master’s degree in English from Rice University. Since 1998 he has worked at one of Houston's most prestigious private schools St. John’s School, teaching various levels of high-school English, serving as an Admissions Committee member.
He will teach: 8-11th grade Creative Writing for Scholarship and Competitions; 9-11th grade Literary Analysis and Advanced Vocabulary; 9-11th grade Success In Writing and Grammar.
He will also teach: 9-12th grade grade SAT/ACT/PSAT Verbal. 

Mr. J. L. is an experienced and very popular teacher with more than 16 years’ experience at a private school as the math department chair.  Prior to teaching, he worked as a math specialist in the software industry for more than 8 years.  Mr. L. has taught, with enthusiastic teaching style, all levels of high school math at some of the finest schools in Houston.  He is a returning instructor from last summer and fall where he taught all levels of high school math.
He will teach: 8-9th grade Algebra I, 9-10th grade Geometry, Duke TIP Math, SAT/ACT Math and 7-8th Contest Math and AMC 8. 

Mr. J. B. is a veteran teacher who has loved math since middle school and developed a passion for teaching as he tutored math throughout college. Mr. B. completed a double major at Penn State University, earning a B.S. in Mathematics and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.  He joined Teach For America, who sent him to Houston where he taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math (including Algebra I) for 3 years.  Mr. B. then moved to a prestigious high school where he has taught since 2005.  He has taught each of the different high school math classes at some point in his teaching career.  Mr. B. values visualizing the big picture and applying concepts in multiple situations.  He wants his students to see how they can apply what they have learned in multiple settings rather than trying to memorize a new formula for every problem.
He will teach 10th grade Algebra II, 11-12th grade Pre-Calculus, Calculus AB&BC and AP Statistics.  

Mr. J. S. This summer Mr. J. S. begins his thirty-six year as an English teacher. After tenure as English Teacher and Department Chair at the Old Farms School in Avon, Connecticut, in 1990 he moved with his wife, Nina, to Houston, where J worked for seventeen years as an English teacher and college counselor at St. John’s School. He has been teaching at Advance Academy since its inception in 2005, leading language arts classes for middle and high school students and SAT review courses.
He will teach: 7-9th grade Reading & Vocabulary Navigator; 7-9th grade Sharpening Writing & Grammar Skills; 7-9th grade Words, Phrases and Clauses; Grammar Exercise; 9-11th grade Advanced Critical Reading & Analytical Writing; 10-12th grade College Applications Process and Personal Essay Writing. 

Mrs. S. J. holds a Ph.D., member of the upper school faculty at St. John’s School since 2003, has taught chemistry for seventeen years. Prior to St. John’s School, she taught Chemistry I Honors and Chemistry II AP at Austin High School in Fort Bend ISD. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1992 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Biochemistry, Master’s in Education Administration in 1995 from Southwest Texas State University and a Doctorate in Professional Leadership in 2011 from the University of Houston. During her tenure at St. John’s School she has been the recipient of M. D. Anderson Chair in Science and has taught Regular Chemistry and Honor’s Chemistry at Rice Summer Camp for many years.
She will teach: 10th grade Pre-AP Chemistry and 11-12th grade AP Chemistry. 

Mr. R. D. has more than twenty-five years of science teaching experience from sixth through twelfth grade.  He has a master’s degree in Science from Rice University. He currently works for a prestigious college prep high school as a Physics, Chemistry and Math teacher. He has taught Pre-AP Physics, AP Physics and Chemistry.
He will teach: 8-10th grade Pre AP Physics and 10-12th grade AP Physics (I, II).



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